First Time Pass Guarantee

What makes ESDS a distinguished driving school is our dedication to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on producing excellent drivers. That why we have a first time pass guarantee. As a student of the Eastern Suburbs Driving School, we will pay for a subsequent re-test if you fail your first test, subject to terms and conditions. It’s part of our ongoing service – just something to show the high esteem in which we hold our driving instructors.

For the first-time pass guarantee to apply, the student must have reached a standard that the driving school instructor considers high enough. The learner must also have been booked in as a license candidate with VicRoads by the Eastern Suburbs Driving School (contact us for more information). Finally, the guarantee does not apply for students that incur an instant fail, as these students likely didn’t pay enough attention in driving school.

It’s quite easy to fail your first test, so following the guidelines set out to you by your instructor is vital to improve your chances of passing. Try to keep the car that you are tested in completely clean – the assessors hate even a trace of dirt. Always remember the road rules in each situation that you are assessed on, and don’t forget to do things like head checks and checking your mirrors.

It may seem like the paths and tasks set by the driving assessor are random. Each one actually tests you on a different aspect of your driving skill. Driving down quieter, suburban road can actually be as challenging as driving on larger roads. Parking is another matter entirely, and careful attention must be paid to your technique. If you are asked to parallel park, make sure you know what you are doing! One of our trained driving instructors will prep you on such things prior to your test, if you ask nicely. Remember, Eastern Suburbs Driving School believes that you can pass. Call us today to book you lesson, and rest assured with our first-time pass guarantee!

For more information contact us at Eastern Suburbs Driving School.

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