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>>> Full Vic Roads Drive Test Criteria 2010/2011 Download

In 2007, the Victorian Government made changes to the driver licensing system.

New requirements were added to the Graduated Licensing System (GLS), particularly for young learners who need a minimum 120 hours of supervised driving experience before taking the probationary licence test.

A driver who obtained a learner permit on or after 1 July 2007 and is under 21 years when applying for a probationary licence: must have held the learner permit for at least 12 months before taking the probationary licence test, and must present a Log Book and ‘Declaration of Completion’ signed by them and their supervising drivers to show they have accumulated the required number of driving hours.

VicRoads, with the help of Australian and international experts in novice driver safety, developed a new on-road driving test to help identify those learners who are ready to drive safely on their own. The new Drive Test focuses on assessing the skills required to drive safely. It applies to all licence applicants from 1 July 2008 onwards.

The GLS encourages learners to practise driving in a range of different conditions and in a staged progression, from basic skills in quiet areas to more complex driving situations as they approach their licence test. Gaining this experience will help learners acquire safer driving habits and increase their chance of passing the Drive Test. It is intended that the Drive Test will help motivate learners to obtain the required level and breadth of experience. This booklet provides detailed information about the Drive Test. It includes the assessment criteria for all test items, along with information about the structure of the test. It will help professional driving instructors work with learner drivers as they approach the Drive Test, but it should not take the place of a well-structured learner period that includes high levels of supervised driving experience in a broad range of driving situations.

During the test, the applicant is directed to drive around a fixed assessment route and asked to perform specific driving tasks (such as turns or lane changes) at various locations. The Licence Testing Officer (LTO) uses a set of specific assessment items to record how well the applicant performs each task.

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>>> Full Vic Roads Drive Test Criteria 2010/2011 Download


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