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There are many important components for new learners to consider when they begin driving. You will hear so many different suggestions and tips from your family, friends, and driving instructors, some being more valuable than others. It is important to consider each one and be prepared to remember each one as you begin this huge responsibility of driving.

  • The key to driving safely is being a confident driver. It is natural and good to be nervous when you are first learning to drive. But as you gain experience, it is important to channel that nervousness into confidence behind this wheel. Being nervous will cause you to make poor decisions and hinder you in your driving, but being confident that you are a competent person will get you further than you could ever imagine. Not just in driving, but in life too!
  • Know there is a difference between confidence and cockiness. If you get too confident, you may overreach in your driving, which will cause you to have accidents and make poor decisions. Make sure you are aware of whether you are getting too big headed.
  • As you are learning to drive, get comfortable in the vehicle you’ll be driving. Not only is this important as you start driving, but when you take your driving test, it is essential that you are familiar with your car. This will be beneficial when you are required to perform certain parking manoeuvrers and driving skills tests.
  • Always be looking ahead of the car in front of you. This practice will develop as you continue to gain experience driving, but only looking at what is directly in front of you isn’t a wise habit to get into. This is because the car ahead of you is always going to be reacting to what is in front of them, so in getting in the habit of watching beyond what’s in front of you, you will be preparing yourself way earlier for any hazards that may occur.
  • Distracted driving takes many shapes. Not only does this mean texting and speaking on your phone, but it also involves listening to your music too loudly, having disruptive passengers in the car, or engaging in deep or argumentative conversations while driving. If you find yourself in any distracting or compromising situation, it is best to pull over and sort it out before moving forward. You are a hazard to yourself and everyone else on the road.
  • Ignore aggressive drivers that tailgate you. It will happen. It will make you angry. Accept it and let them pass. If you decide to engage in nonsense with them, you are putting everyone at risk and are driving unsafely.
  • Don’t immediately go at intersections. Whether it is a roundabout or a traffic light, it is always best to be aware of other drivers that may be trying to speed through when they shouldn’t. If you are prepared and watchful of their mistakes, you will be able to avoid getting into a collision.
  • Brush up on basic mechanic skills and knowledge. Cars are unreliable, so it is essential to educate yourself on the basics so you can recognise any issues that your car may be starting to have.

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