Relearning the Magic: A Driving Lesson

This is a recount of one young driver’s experiences taking a lesson with ESDS:
“It was the day before I had to go for my Probationary License. I was feeling pretty cocky at the time, having notched up the requisite 120 hours, and thinking I would pass with flying colours. Just to be on the safe side, though, I booked a lesson with Eastern Suburbs Driving School. I knew they had a great reputation, and their lessons were easily affordable, so I made an appointment.

My instructor turned up at my home, talked to me about my previous driving experience, and sat me down in the driver’s seat of the car that I’d be learning in. He told me that I would be in for a shock when I went for my P’s, as I hadn’t had any lessons prior to that day. Boy, was he right. I made several mistakes just trying to start the car!

As we got driving, though, my instructor told me exactly what I was doing wrong and how I was to go about fixing it. The lesson was structured in the same way as a real drive test, so I got a feel for how things would go tomorrow. I learned so much in that hour about driving that, as soon as I got home, I wrote down as much as I could remember.

I took the drive test the following day and, sad to say, I failed. What I learned, however, meant that I did much better than I otherwise would have. I only wish I’d taken more lessons! So, learn from my experiences, and book your lessons as soon as you get your learner’s permit. It’s vital to become a safe driver, and the instructors at ESDS are some of the best for teaching you how.”

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