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The process of obtaining your Probationary licence is divided into two parts, the Hazard Perception Test and the Drive Test. VicRoads recommends you take these on two different days, just in case you fail the hazard test and would then have to abort the drive test. Passing these two tests is a considerable challenge – many learner drivers fail their drive test on the first attempt, and need to wait until another date is available. To improve your chances of passing, there are a few things that you can do.

The first, though kind of obvious, is practicing. Driving more and more, while following the road rules and guidelines to the letter, is a good way to build experience. This means no sloppy driving – imagine that the drive test assessor is there in the car with you, scrutinising your every move. The assessors are very stringent when it comes to assessment, and even a small mistake can cause you to fail your whole test.

Another is to brush up on the rules themselves. Go online and read the handbook The Road To Solo Driving for learner drivers. You’d be surprised how much you can learn going back over the basics. A lot of the road rules can slip one’s mind as time goes by, and these are vital for becoming a safer driver. Remember these rules, and put them into practice each time you go driving. This is especially important for passing the Hazard Perception Test, as there are many seemingly ‘trick’ questions on the video screen.

Finally, the most effective way of preparing for your drive test – take some lessons with a qualified instructor! Don’t leave it to the last minute, especially if you’ve had few or no lessons before. Take a course of lessons at least a month before your appointment. Call us today to book yours!

Drive IQ 3D Practice learner test – Source: VicRoads

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