January 25, 2017 - Eastern Driving School

The Driving Instructor


A driving instructor must have.
– Excellent driving record.
– Thorough knowledge of road law and its interpretation.
– An acute awareness of all surroundings.
– The ability to recognise hazards.
– The ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of people.
– The decision making skills to enhance safety.
– The experience and maturity to stay calm and measured in difficult situations
– The instructor must also have infinite patience and understanding with learner drivers and other road users.

You may have all of the above but you must then have the following qualification, reports and checks to obtain a Driving Instructor Authority.
– Certificate 1V in Transport.
– And the following reports and checks
– State Police Certificate issued in the last six months
– Medical certificate {Assessment of Fitness to Drive}
– Vision Acuteness Certificate
– Working with children check and registration so as you can legally work with children under eighteen years of age.