The ADTA attended the Australian College of Road Safety Conference in Melbourne in September and obtained some interesting information.

For instance……

Australia is now outside the top ten OECD countries for road fatalities. The safest countries are Sweden, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.

By 2020 road deaths will be the third most common cause of death

10% of drivers are involved in 50% of crashes

Fatigue contributes to 20% of crashes

90% of crashes are due to the behaviour / performance of the driver as opposed to driving conditions, vehicle malfunction or road structures.

A teenage driver travelling with a teenage passenger is 50% more likely to be involved in a crash.

Ten years ago there was only 5 one star ANCAP rated cars available. Now three quarters of new cars have 4 or 5 stars.

A 2 star car has double the accident / injury risk of a 5 star car.

Probationary drivers would be 80% safer if they drove 5 star cars, which would equate to 15% less road fatalities.

Wire rope barriers and bitumen on the side of roads with ripple strips lead to a 60%-90% decrease in serious injuries and fatalities.

Sweden has a default speed limit of 70kmph, compared with ours which is 100kmph

{Information provided by Australian Driver Trainers Association {Vic} Inc.