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The challenges of driving

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Facing the real challanges of driving.

New solo drivers have often done very little driving.

This can result in them having almost no experience of the real challenges of driving.

These challenges include

Variety of traffic conditions from light traffic in local streets to heavy peak hour traffic.

Extremes in weather rain,fog,or icy conditions

Different driving manoeuvres – driving in roundabouts,making U-turns or turning at different types of intersections.

Effects of the time of day on visability – night driving or sun glare when driving at dawn or dusk.

Unexpected actions of other drivers and riders-stopping quickly, merging or turning without warning.

Types of roads – freeways, roads with trams or undivided main roads.

Imperfect road surfaces – potholes,gravel or slippery surfaces.

Handling any of these challenges when faced with distractions inside the car – radio,noisy passengers or mobile phones.

The worst time to gain this experience is when you are driving solo, on your own – with no supervising driver to give you advice or help. So make the most of your time as a learner driver and don’t think that you can master the challenges of driving overnight – you’ll never really stop learning. Remember, being over confident, especially as a new solo driver can lead to making poor decisions when it counts.