From 23 November 2009, VicRoads is introducing a new and more secure learner permit, probationary licence and driver licence.

VicRoads will no longer issue these over the counter at its Customer Service Centres.

When you obtain, renew or replace your licence VicRoads will mail it to you within about a week.

You will be given a temporary driver licence receipt which you can use until your new licence arrives.

Your old licence remains current until its expiry date and there is no extra cost for this new, more secure licence.

Why the Change

There has been an increase in the illegal use of driver licences to commit fraud.

The new licence has improved security including a new clear, see through section in the centre of the licence.

These features will protect the personal information of the licence holder and make it more difficult to use the licence fraudulently.

This new licence will be manufactured at a highly secure , centralised facility using state-of-the-art technology and advanced printing processes. That’s why you will receive it by mail not on the spot at VicRoads Customer Service Centres.

Source VicRoads Licensing