(Effective 1 July 2008, Source VIC Roads)

New probationary drivers have a high risk of being
involved in a crash.
To increase the safety of young drivers, there are new
rules for learner and probationary drivers:
• Most learner drivers must have at least 120 hours of
supervised driving experience before attempting to
pass the tests needed for a probationary licence.
• After passing the tests, there will be a two-stage
probationary period: P1 (red plate) for one year and
P2 (green plate) for three years.
All learner drivers have to pass two tests to get their
licence – the Hazard Perception Test and an on-road
practical Drive Test.
The Drive Test helps identify drivers who are ready to
drive safely on their own.
You’re more likely to pass the Drive Test if you:
• Have had at least 120 hours of supervised driving
• Have had supervised driving experience in a broad
range of different driving conditions – such as at night,
in wet weather, and on roads with different speed
• Can drive safely and legally in different driving
situations – such as in normal and busy traffic, at
intersections, and on multilane roads.
Use the VicRoads Learner Kit to help you get the driving
practice that you need.
Follow the four stages in the Learner Kit to safely guide
your driving practice and make sure you correctly fill in
the Learner Log Book as you go.
You will receive a free copy of the Learner Kit when you
pass your learner permit test (on or after 1 July 2007).
This brochure has general information about what you
need to know and do to pass your Drive Test in Victoria.
Read it carefully to help you prepare for your test.
For more detailed information about the test, and learner
and probationary requirements and to view the Learner
Kit, you should visit the VicRoads website at